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Who we are

The “Andraşoni & Pop” Law Firm (General Partnership / Professional Limited Liability Partnership) is a law firm having its business location in the commercial center of the Municipality of Cluj – Napoca. The attorneys of the law firm have over 20 years of experience in the main areas of law.

Our purpose is to offer attorney services to the firm’s clients with the observance of the international standards of quality as well as the continuous development of the law firm with a team of professionals dedicated to the idea of excellence in the client – attorney relationship.

The professionals of the Law Firm rely on the continuous collaboration with notary public offices, certified translators, court marshals (court bailiffs), land surveying and cadastral experts, forensics, technical and accounting experts.

What we offer

Our law firm offers consultancy services and assistance/representation services to different types of clients: private individuals and corporate bodies, institutions, non – profit organizations and companies with Romanian or foreign capital in the following practice areas:

  • Commercial litigations; Civil litigations; Insurance litigations;
  • Administrative litigations;
  • Litigations in connection with the legislation of restitution, recovery of propriety and indemnification;
  • Criminal law litigations; Labor law litigations; Family law litigations;
  • Consultancy services and actions in the area of citizenship, right of asylum, family reunification, exequatur procedures; Legal assistance and consultancy services.

Our customers

The attorneys that are part of the “Andraşoni & Pop” Law Firm (General Partnership / Professional Limited Liability Partnership) legally assisted and represented, in their professional carrier, beside the private individuals clients, in specific matters or based on long – term (1 to 5 years) legal assistance agreements, many corporate clients:

  • Companies in the field of construction, real estate and hospitality industry;
  • Insurance – reinsurance and brokerage companies;
  • Companies providing different services, mediation, transportation;
  • Companies providing media services;
  • Production companies of different goods, with romanian capital as well as with mixed or foreign capital;
  • Non – banking loan companies and leasing companies, NGO’s, associations and foundations with the activity in the field of tuition, sport, research, religion.
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